Holiday art market 2017 and DIY display ideas for art shows and craft fairs

Holiday art market 2017 and DIY display ideas for art shows and craft fairs

Posted by Lucy Langlois on Dec 16th 2017

Art show display ideas

It's been years since I've participated in any kind of art festival but this year I decided to join in on the fun and reserve a space at a local Holiday market in Watercolor, Florida. Since it was a short evening event from 5-9, I figured that would be the perfect opportunity to revisit outdoor shows and I had a wonderful time!  
I didn't get a chance to take as many photos as I would have liked but this photo shows my tent after we got it set up.

My awesome husband came with me and he ran the Square app for sales while I bagged purchases and talked to the customers and I'm so thankful he was there! I already had the Square swipe reader but upgraded to the contactless and chip reader from Square for this event and I'm glad I did, it worked perfectly ... highly recommend!

I wanted to make make my space look great while not investing a huge amount of money for such a short event and came up with a few creative ideas for display. The event provided one 8ft table and the tent so for additional tables I brought my collapsible sawhorses and a sheet of plywood along with a small round folding table I already had. To start, I needed covers for those tables...

art show tablecloth ideas

craft show tablecloth from dropcloth

I had a huge canvas dropcloth and cut it in half to make two tablecloths. I used a small paint roller to roll on stripes of white paint not being too exact with them. The dropcloth already had a few paint splatters from past projects so along with the stripes, I added more splatters so it would all blend together. The small round table in the left corner was covered with a velvety throw from my linen closet.

We had to provide our own lighting for the tent so I purchased a set of LED strand lights from Amazon. A little pricey but one strand lit up my 10 x 10 tent perfectly. I wish I could have taken a photo of my tent after it was dark because it was lit up! Lighting is so important and I was so glad I went with the bright LED lights.

diy art easelsTo display my mosaics, I built wooden easels. I mostly followed these instructions I found online, but I used pre-primed white 1 x 2's for my easels instead of the 2x2's in the instructions. I wanted them to be white anyway so the primed wood worked out great. I built 11 easels in a couple of hours for just under $50.

DIY palm tree displayTo hang my mosaic ornaments I built a palm tree display. The trunk is from a deconstructed cat scratcher that I covered in crushed shells. I added a couple of dowels through the middle for hanging the ornaments.

Palm tree displayFor the base I mounted it on a cradled frame I had made a while back for artwork and covered it in colored sand. The plastic leaves were ordered from Amazon and attached to a Dollar store umbrella frame and inserted in the top. It is a very sturdy piece and was a great addition to the coastal vibe I had for the space.

art show signageFor my business sign I had a couple of very inexpensive art pieces that were given to know the type, the artwork printed on plastic-y canvas. 

Signage for art and craft showI painted over the background of one of those panels and created letter stencils 'old school' style using Microsoft Paint and printed on multiple pages to get the large size. I traced the letters on the canvas then filled in with paint. It was a nice lightweight, quick solution using something I already had on hand.

art show gift bags

art show gift bagsAmazon was my friend for this show! I ordered a box of white bags along with a huge pack of white tissue paper and stapled my business cards to the bags for packing small items.

dollar store for craft show displayNext was a trip to my local Dollar Tree for huge plastic silver platters, giant sparkly Christmas bows, square paper plates and crinkly paper filler.

I put a few gift bows on some of my mosaics and used the trays and paper filler to display my glass hand painted coastal ornaments.

art show pricing signageI used the Dollar store paper plates to create pricing signage.

Art and craft show pricing signageI added a few stripes of pearlized paint around the edges. Dry brushed a little metallic paint on copy paper, let dry then printed my pricing on the paper and attached with spray adhesive to the plate.

Craft show pricing ideaI used leftover wood scraps from the easels I built to create a stand for the paper plate signs.

DIY signs for art show pricingI inserted dowels into the base and glued the paper plates to the stands.They were large, readable and worked out great to carry the color theme throughout the tent

hand painted paper lanternsA friend had given me a stack of paper lanterns and I added quick hand painted coastal designs on them. I didn't have as much room as I thought I would to hang them but did hang a few in the tent! 

I captured a quick video of my booth before the show started. 

I also cut fresh Palmetto leaves from the yard the night before and used them to add a little greenery to my booth. You can see them tucked under the ornament platters and behind the easels and I stapled a couple to the front of the tablecloth.

They had Christmas music playing and "snow" which is a big deal in Florida!

Here's a shot as the show was just getting started. It was just lovely talking to customers face to face. I ending up having a very successful show and a beautiful, festive evening!