Halloween painted outdoor pillows, DIY Makeover

Halloween painted outdoor pillows, DIY Makeover

Posted by Lucy on Oct 7th 2017

Diy Halloween pillows

So... I'm a DIY girl at heart. 

I don't do quite as many projects as I used to, but sometimes an idea hits me and I have to act on it like painting these Halloween pillows.  

                       I pulled this pair of Fall colored outdoor pillows out of the closet and noticed they were free of design on the backs, so I decided to rework them to bring a little Halloween vibe to our back porch. 

diy Halloween pillowI sketched simple designs with chalk, if you mess up, a dry Magic Eraser sponge works great at removing chalk lines.

black and white pumpkin decorI already had a black and white theme going on with these pumpkins and ravens so I kept the pillows in the same color family. 

Next comes the fun part of simply filling in your design with paint. I used regular acrylic craft paint and a little textile medium added in because I happened to have some on hand. If you don't have textile medium on hand, I've painted fabric plenty of times without it. Using the textile medium just makes the paint a little less stiff and softer to the touch but it will soften with use even without the textile medium.


Halloween owl pillow DIYAfter the paint is completely dry, you can use a clean, damp cloth to wipe away any remaining chalk lines.

black and white pumpkin pillowThe striped pumpkin and raven pillow...

Halloween painted pillow diyI also added black glitter paint on top of the black acrylic paint for a little sparkle.

Halloween owl pillow diy painted pillowThe owl and full moon pillow.


They turned out great and add a little Halloween flair to the back porch.

pumpkin topiary decorCheck out my other Fall and Halloween projects like the pumpkin topiary and DIY solar pumpkins.Thanks for reading!

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