Art studio wall makeover

Art studio wall makeover

Posted by Lucy on May 21st 2017

Caro wall panels

Dimensional wall panels makeover.

art studio wall makeover

I had recently been mulling over solutions to better photograph and video my pieces like this botanical mosaic in my art studio instead of on the plain painted wall. 

I already have a good sized wall space with two windows opposite for great natural light but as you can see, hanging different sized art pieces to video and photograph has left a messy wall with lots of different nails, nail holes, hooks and smudges... not cool.

how to cover nail holes in wall diy

See what I mean? I can edit them out in photos but it really doesn't look pretty or professional, especially in my Youtube videos.

Caro wall panels

I decided to make a large square on the wall using these thin, dimensional panels. They are widely available online and I chose a basketweave design called "Caro". This design includes 10 panels per box. They are right at 20" x 20" and made of MDF wood fiber. 

mdf thin textured wall panels

They are very thin and lightweight.

spray primer for textured wall panels

As shown above, they come in the natural MDF color so I started by priming with Rustoleum spray primer in white.

Caro  textured wall panels installation

I decided to go with neutral white in semi gloss and rolled on a couple of coats after the primer dried.

diy installing textured wall panels Caro

To install the panels, we drew out a level line vertically and horizontally and marked with a pencil. I'm only using 9 of the 10 panels to create a large square of 3 x 3 panels which equals about a 5 foot square on my wall.

textured mdf wall panels

To attach the panels, you apply construction adhesive to the backs and press into place. Starting with a level line makes it super simple to butt the pieces next to each other. We used Liquid Nails to apply our panels.

If I were installing inside the home as a focal point, I would probably frame the entire piece in wood for a finished look but in my case, the edges won't be seen.

spray painted nails to disguise them

For my wall, I intend on placing the majority of my nails in the middle seam so the holes will be camouflaged. I spray painted a few nails with Rustoleum white so that if any happen to be captured in a video, they won't be noticeable. Rustoleum is not paying me to use or mention their products, I just happen to love them and think they are the best!

csi wall panels textured wall panels

The textured design looks great.

crab mosaic on textured wall

I tested it out by hanging my latest crab mosaic.

csi wall panels on gallery wall

I'm so happy with the look. It's clean, yet interesting and unobtrusive for photographing and the best more nail holes and smudges.

Thanks for reading!