Welcome! I'm Lucy, a glass mosaic artist based on Florida's Gulf Coast over the past three decades. I guess you could say I'm a local!

I've been working professionally as a mosaic artist, painter and with recycled mixed media art over the last 25 years and have had over 700 happy customers in my Etsy store. I absolutely love creating mosaics and have been drawn to bring them to the forefront of my work with this website.

I work from my home studio in Panama City Beach, FL and am completely inspired by the coastal landscape around me. I use stained glass on wood, MDF or outdoor substrates. Each piece of glass is hand cut using a variety of cutters and nippers, I don't use grinders or wet saws. I truly appreciate the hands on expression of shaping each piece to fit. It is an exciting challenge to create movement and an organic feel with such a rigid medium and at the same time a very calming and meditative process for me to build the artwork piece by piece.

Mosaic art tells an ever changing story from the way it captures light at different angles to viewing the piece from afar or up close. The smooth, reflective glass is both modern and timeless and a lovely way to bring unique, lasting art into your home or workplace.

Thank you for visiting my shop, feel free to contact me if you have questions or looking for a custom piece.