Welcome! I'm Lucy, a glass mosaic artist located on Florida's Gulf Coast.

Over the last 25 years I've worked professionally in mosaic art, mixed media, recycled art and acrylic painting. Along the way mosaics have been a constant in my work and I was drawn to dive in deeper and bring them to the forefront with this website. My medium of choice is stained glass and I actually prefer using only hand tools to cut each piece of glass, no grinders or saws. I truly get a lot of satisfaction in taking the rigid medium of glass and working to create movement, light and shadow, as well as just finding ways to fit all those tiny pieces together!

My home studio in Panama City Beach, Florida is where I create and I'm available by appointment if you are visiting or in the area. Living near the beach and being surrounded by this coastal landscape inspires me and you will find many "coastal themed" designs here on the website.

To me, mosaic art is almost like an ever changing piece of art. When viewing up close it can have such an interesting, complex appearance with all those tiny pieces of glass and as you move further away, the beautiful image comes to life even more.  Fresh, unique and contemporary are the feelings I try to convey with this ancient art form by creating mosaics that are both modern, yet timeless and a lovely way to bring unique, sparkling art into your home or workplace.

Thank you for visiting and please contact me if you have questions,